Can you really trust an expert?

Watch Children

I recently attended a lecture entitled “living in a disconnected world.”   The lecture was promoted as an eye opening event for parents to see what is going on with their children and technology.

I noted some interesting points down during the lecture which I will share here. I had previously heard the same speakers on a similar topic two years ago. I was hoping for some new and interesting ideas and tips. Unfortunately I was very disappointed with the whole evening. Continue reading


Cyber bullying and a parent’s responsibility

I just read a interesting article on Cyber bullying in Florida. Apparently they are trying to make it law that Parents can be prosecuted for a child’s cyber bullying activities.

Rebecca Sedwick, 12, took her own life by jumping from the water tower of an abandoned concrete plant in Polk County, Fla., in September. Her death came after she allegedly endured extended harassment from a 12-year-old and 14-year-old, the latter of whom is accused of posting on her Facebook page: “Yes IK (I know) I bullied REBECCA (A)nd she killed her self but IDGAF (I don’t give a f-).”

source (JWR)

It is horrifying that a 14 year old has absolutely no remorse for the actions she has done. Teenagers lack a moral compass. Perhaps parents are at fault for not teaching them the difference between right and wrong. Read the full article here.

What are your thoughts on this, Should parent be held responsible for their children’s cyber activities? How much freedom should we give our children?

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